Welcome to Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority


*You will receive one (1) offer of Public Housing. Once a unit offer has been made for the Public Housing program, you will be taken off the Public Housing waiting list.
    If you decline the unit offer, you will be removed from all of the SMHA Public Housing waiting list that you have applied too.  If you still wish to pursue housing opportunities with SMHA, you will need to reapply for the Public Housing Program.
· If you miss an offer of housing due to not reporting an address change in a timely manner, you will be removed from the Public Housing wait list.  Any mail returned to SMHA will result in an applicant being withdrawn from all of SMHA’s Public Housing waiting lists.
· Respond to all correspondence from SMHA.  Failure to respond will cause us to believe you are no longer in need of our services and will result in your name being removed from all waiting lists that you applied for.
· If you applied for more than one program, once you are housed, your name will remain on all other program’s waiting lists that you applied for. You can submit a written request to be removed from the other program’s waiting list if you do not want to remain on other program’s waiting list. You must also make sure you submit your address change to the Intake Department (this will not be done for you by SMHA staff or the Post Office).


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